A suitcase with tubs of nicotine pouches.

Can You Fly with Nicotine Pouches?

How do you deal with not smoking on a long flight? Do you frantically smoke or vape as much as you can before heading to check-in? Are you someone who has to plaster every unexposed part of your body with nicotine patches before boarding or do you wait sweaty-palmed, for your turn in the plane toilet so you can try to sneak in a quick vape, all the while wondering how sensitive those smoke detectors really are.

If any of these ring a bell you are likely all too familiar with the stress-inducing anxiety that flying can cause. Smoking lounges in airports used to be your last saving grace before you boarded your flight, but now they are a thing of the past and from the moment you step into the airport to the moment you pick up your luggage, (which can be an additional 2 hours either way on top of your flight), you are going to need to figure out a way to deal with your nicotine cravings.

In this article we are going to reveal the benefits of nicotine pouches and how you can use them when you fly. Join us as we guide you step by step on how to use nicotine pouches when travelling, and ensure that you have a smooth and stress-free journey from the moment you've checked in your luggage to the moment you pick it up.

1. What are nicotine pouches?

You may have heard of snus in the past, a tobacco pouch that people place under their lip. Hugely popular in Sweden and praised for it's practicality, snus was banned in the EU and the UK as a harmful substance in the 1990's, it is also not an ideal option if your goal is to remove harmful tobacco from your life. The nicotine pouch was inspired by the snus design to offer a 100% tobacco-free experience with the same effortless convenience.

Each pouch contains organic silica granules soaked in nicotine and flavourings and wrapped in a cotton sachet. Once in place they gradually release nicotine into your system through the lining in your mouth over the span of 30 minutes to an hour. You can purchase a small tub of 20 pouches that can be easily slipped into a pocket or carried in a bag.

nicotine pouches are easy to carry.
nicotine pouches can easily be slipped into your pocket or hand luggage.

2. Why choose nicotine pouches?


Of all the smokeless tobacco products out there, nicotine pouches are arguably the most unintrusive, accessible and effective option. They come in a variety of strengths and their sublingual design means that they are fast-acting - once in place they satisfy cravings rapidly and don't require you to take any further action. nicotine pouches are also completely eco-friendly, the silica and cotton in the pouches are biodegradable and the plastic tubs can be recycled.

Of course, the most important advantage is that there are no limitations to where and when you can use nicotine pouches. Once placed, they are highly discreet and can be used in any situation where smoking or vaping is prohibited. This swift, efficient and subtle form of nicotine delivery makes pouches the perfect choice for any travel situation, allowing you to quietly soothe your cravings and focus your mind on more important things.

3. How to use nicotine pouches

Step 1: Roll a pouch between your fingers to loosen it

Step 2: Place it under your lip and feel it start to work

Step 3: Use the pouch for 30 - 60 minutes

Top Tip: Once your pouch is in place you can use your tongue to adjust it.

4. Where can you fly internationally with nicotine pouches?

You do need to check that nicotine pouches are legal in the country you are flying to. In the UK nicotine pouches do not fall under tobacco product regulations and you can use them indoors including at airports as they are smokeless and tobacco-free. However, not all countries share the same outlook towards nicotine pouches.

Australia, for example, requires a prescription for any non-tobacco nicotine product, whilst nicotine pouches are banned in Singapore and you can face a fine or imprisonment if caught in possession. Always check the rules and regulations of the country that you are travelling to by contacting the airline that you are flying with.

The table below highlights the legality of nicotine pouches in some of the most popular travel destinations:


Legality of Nicotine Pouches




Nicotine pouches are illegal for sale and use


Legal to fly with and use

Nicotine pouches do not fall under the tobacco products regulations


Recently legalised

Nicotine pouches are classed as a nicotine subsitute and regulated as a medicine


Legal to use

Nicotine pouches fall under food product regulations


Legal to use

License required to sell, can be purchased and used


Legal to use

Requires warnings on all packaging



Classed as a Class C poison and requires a prescription


Legal to use

No legislation currently exists

South Africa

Legal to use

Can be bought and sold by anyone over 18



Pouches are illegal to be marketed, check with airline for use


Legal to use

Minimum purchasing age and packaging and advertising regulations

United States

Legal to use

Can be purchased and advertised

The Global Tobacco Control Database is a useful website to find out where additional countries stand on nicotine products, but it is always best to confirm with your airline.

5. Can I Use Nicotine Pouches on a Plane?

You can bring nicotine pouches with you and discreetly use them during your flight, make sure that you are aware of the nicotine regulations at your destination by checking with your airline. A tub of nicotine pouches is compact and highly portable, you can take them with you in your pocket and your carry-on luggage for easy access once you have boarded the flight.

Each tub contains an average of 20 nicotine pouches, which last between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

One tub should be sufficient for most journeys, however for long haul flights or journeys with transfers with extended waiting times you may wish to calculate your total journey time and work out how many pouches you will need. Additionally you may wish to pack a supply of pouches in your checked bag that will last you the duration of your trip, as you may not be able to immediately stock up when you land.

Store used nicotine pouches in the lid compartment
There is a compartment housed in the lid of the tub which can be used to store your used pouches.

6. Can I buy nicotine pouches at an airport?

Nicotine pouches are quite easily available throughout airports in the UK, EU and the US. Heathrow Airport for example has several outlets which stock pouches, they are usually sold behind the counter or displayed in a locked cabinet in the same types of shops that would sell vapes.

With the looming disposable vapes ban in the UK, nicotine pouches are fast becoming a popular choice among vapers looking for an easy alternative, so you can expect to see more nicotine pouches for sale in airports in the UK. Destination countries that allow the sale and use of nicotine pouches will also quite likely have points of sale within their respective airports.

7. What are the best nicotine pouches to travel with?

Now that you are familiar with how easy it is to travel with nicotine pouches and how they can benefit you on your next adventure, all that is left to do is pick your favourite brand and get packing. With a wide selection of pouches on offer, we've curated a list of the best selling options. Remember to ensure that you choose the right nicotine strength.

1. Zyn

Zyn has set a benchmark in the nicotine pouch market offering an unparalleled selection that caters to a diverse range of preferences. With an extensive variety of flavors and nicotine strengths, Zyn ensures that every user can find their perfect match. Zyn pouches also stand out for their enduring taste, providing a consistently satisfying experience. This commitment to quality and variety succeeds in solidifying Zyn's position as a leader in the market.

2. Nordic Spirit

With Nordic Spirit users can expect a sophisticated, invigorating experience that perfectly balances subtlety with satisfaction. Nordic Spirit masterfully combines natural flavours with the distinct crispness of the Nordic essence, appealing to the refined tastes of discerning consumers. Designed for individuals who prefer a gentler nicotine experience, their pouches offer a bespoke solution. Featuring exquisite flavors such as Bergamot Wildberry and Mint, Nordic Spirit provides a uniquely refreshing taste journey, ideal choice for both newcomers and connoisseurs who appreciate nuanced flavour profiles.


VELO carves a unique niche within the market through its impressive selection of bold and exhilarating flavours, directly appealing to a younger demographic eager for a vibrant and stimulating experience. The brand is celebrated for its outstanding quality and groundbreaking flavour combinations, setting a new standard in the industry. VELO's commitment to innovation is evident in every product, offering a fresh and adventurous taste adventure that resonates with the dynamic preferences of its audience.

4. V&YOU

V&YOU is swiftly ascending the ranks of popularity, with an expansive selection that showcases a wide variety of flavours and strengths, V&YOU empowers users to find their ideal match, perfectly tailored to their preferences. Whether it's the vibrant zest of Citrus or the refreshing burst of Berry, V&YOU caters to a broad spectrum of tastes. This commitment to diversity and personalisation not only sets V&YOU apart but also ensures that every user's experience is uniquely satisfying, capturing the essence of discovery and enjoyment in every pouch.


Tacja Elf Bar nicotine pouches are a standout option for enthusiasts craving an intensified nicotine experience or those contemplating a shift from Elf Bar vape products to nicotine pouches. They present a meticulously crafted pouch alongside a spectrum of captivating flavours. Their emphasis lies on catering to all types of nicotine concentrations and their dedication to flavour excellence and product quality positions them as a noteworthy brand in the evolving nicotine pouch arena. 

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