Understanding Nicotine Strengths In Pouches

Understanding Nicotine Strengths In Pouches

For those looking to break away from their smoking habit, nicotine pouches offer a discreet solution, providing a rush of nicotine that is completely tobacco free and easy to use. Choosing the right nicotine content is key to making a successful transition and in this article, we are going to show you how to interpret nicotine strength in pouches and help you decide what is right for you.

What Are Nicotine Pouches?

Nicotine pouches contain nicotine that is soaked into cellulose plant fibres with added flavour and wrapped in a cotton fleece. Once placed between your lip and gum, they slowly release nicotine into your system. They are discreet and popular choices for anyone looking for an easy-to-use nicotine replacement that can be used in any situation.

1. Understanding Nicotine Strength Labelling

The labelling on a tub of nicotine pouches will show measurements in milligrams (mg) and there are a wide array of options available for you to choose from. Often the manufacturer will include two measurements on their nicotine strength label. One will be milligrams per gram (mg/g) and the other will be milligrams per pouch (mg/pouch).

mg/g = the content of nicotine per gram. This can be misleading as most nicotine pouches weigh less than a gram and so the mg/g number is usually higher than how much nicotine is actually in each pouch.

mg/pouch = the content of nicotine per pouch. This is the actual amount of nicotine you will be ingesting and it is this number that you want to look for when making your decision.

For example, a tub with 16mg/g is 10mg per pouch or per serving. 16mg might seem a bit high, but it only tells you how much nicotine there is for every 1 gram of weight, whereas 10mg is how much you'll get in every single pouch.

Aside from the actual milligram content, the packaging will often tell you in a word how strong the pouches are.

Here is a typical guideline:

  • Mild (0-6mg)
  • Medium (7-12mg)
  • Strong (13-19mg)
  • Extra Strong (20mg+)

A selections of different nicotine pouch tubs stacked in three columns from weakest strength to strongest

2. What Nicotine Pouch Strength Should I Choose?

It can be difficult to interpret the nicotine strength in pouches if you're coming from cigarettes. The rate of absorption through inhalation with smoking or vaping vs absorption via the bloodstream can differ. We advise that you assess what kind of smoking habit you have, whether you are a social or casual smoker, a light smoker or if your habit requires a pack or more a day. Using a strong nicotine pouch may make you feel unwell, and we recommend that you start low and work your way up if necessary. Discover how long to keep a nicotine pouch in for with our comprehensive blog.

Here is a guideline that can help you choose the right nicotine pouch strength:

Nicotine mg Per Pouch Rough Equivalence in Cigarettes Per Day
Mild (0-6mg) Social/Casual between 1 to 5
Medium (7-12mg) Light between 5 to 10
Strong (13-19mg) Medium between 10 to 20
Extra Strong (20mg+) Heavy more than 20

3. The Impact of Nicotine Strength On Your Experience

One important factor to consider is how the nicotine feels as it is being absorbed through the lining of your mouth. (You may have heard of the tingle that users experience when the nicotine begins to work.) This tingle can range from pleasant and invigorating to extremely intense and uncomfortable, and it all depends on the strength. If this is your first time using a pouch, it is better to start low and gradually get used to that feeling.

4. Summary

Nicotine Pouches are a discreet, tobacco-free option for those looking to replace smoking. These pouches contain nicotine absorbed into cellulose fibres and release nicotine slowly when placed between the lip and gum. Understanding nicotine strength is key, with labels indicating milligrams per gram (mg/g) and per pouch (mg/pouch). Strengths vary from mild (0-6mg) to extra strong (20mg+). It's crucial to choose the right strength based on your smoking habit, as the absorption rate differs from smoking. Start with a lower strength to avoid discomfort and gradually increase if needed.

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