IQOS Terea Heated Tobacco Sticks

Discover our range of TEREA Heated Tobacco Sticks from IQOS. This range of specialised tobacco sticks have been specifically designed for the latest generation IQOS devices; the IQOS Iluma and IQOS Iluma One. Utilising IQOS's revolutionary SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM™, each TEREA stick will provide a smooth and consistent taste experience, with less mess and maintenance than ever before. Shop all 11 IQOS TEREA flavours online right here, with each pack containing 20 individual sticks.

Discover the TEREA tobacco sticks, designed exclusively for use with the IQOS ILUMA and IQOS ILUMA ONE devices. TEREA sticks, which come in packs of twenty, are at the forefront of tobacco heating technology with IQOS's unique SmartCore Induction System. This revolutionary technology uses an electromagnetic core to heat the tobacco from within, removing the need for a blade and resulting in a cleaner experience.

Why Choose IQOS TEREA?

IQOS TEREA represents a significant advancement in heated tobacco products. The TEREA sticks use real tobacco and deliver a true taste without the combustion of traditional smoking. This means there is no flame or smoke, and, more crucially, the procedure produces 95% fewer dangerous chemicals than traditional cigarettes, according to thorough studies. It is imporant to note that TEREA sticks are only compatible with IQOS ILUMA devices and cannot be used with the previous HEETS-compatible IQOS Originals Duo.

TEREA Flavours

TEREA Flavour Blends

The TEREA range mirrors several favourite flavours from the traditional IQOS HEETS selection, catering to a variety of preferences:

  • Classic Flavours: These sticks emphasise the rich, robust tobacco flavour, enhanced with subtle notes of nuts, malt, wood, and tea. Options include Yellow, Amber, Teak, Sienna, and Russet.
  • Menthol Collection: For those who enjoy a refreshing twist, our menthol series ranges from mild to bold. Turquoise offers a gentle minty touch, Green delivers a balanced peppermint essence, and Blue provides a strong, crisp finish.
  • Aromatic Blends: The Mauve sticks fall into this category, offering a delicate mix of mild berry and mint for a uniquely fragrant experience.
  • Pearls Collection: Introducing two new flavours to the TEREA collection, the Pearls range are clickable heated tobacco sticks, where a quick click releases a burst of fruit notes. Twilight Pearl is a full bodied tobacco blend that releases fresh blueberry and menthol, and Amelia Pearl a toasted tobacco that releases fresh watermelon at a click.

Embrace the Future of Tobacco Enjoyment with IQOS

IQOS TEREA sticks are designed to deliver a sophisticated, modern smoking experience. Whether you prefer the pure taste of tobacco or the refreshing zest of menthol, the TEREA range offers a stylish, safer alternative to traditional smoking, aligning with modern health-conscious lifestyles. Explore our selection and find your perfect TEREA flavour today.

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