IQOS is a pioneering innovation from the acclaimed tobacco experts at Philip Morris International (PMI). IQOS devices, unlike traditional cigarettes, heat tobacco without burning it, providing a modern alternative for adult smokers. IQOS's Heated Tobacco technology significantly reduces the production of harmful chemicals compared to cigarette smoke, delivering a cleaner experience. IQOS heat-not-burn devices are known for their sleek design and efficient functionality, making them ideal for those who want the taste and satisfaction of real tobacco but with fewer drawbacks. Ideal for a variety of settings, IQOS is a top choice for smokers looking to embrace a less harmful way of enjoying tobacco. Explore the full range of IQOS heated tobacco, including the latest technology, the Iluma series and TEREA sticks, below:

IQOS, a range brought to you from Philip Morris International (PMI), offers innovative heated tobacco solutions. Designed to heat specially crafted tobacco sticks, IQOS produces a flavourful vapor containing nicotine, presenting adult smokers with a modern alternative to conventional cigarettes. Using IQOS instead of traditional cigarettes can lead to reduced exposure to harmful chemicals, produce fewer odors, and offer a steady, controlled nicotine intake. A significant number of smokers who switch to IQOS end up leaving smoking behind permanently*.

*Source: PMI Financials or estimates, IQOS user panels and PMI Market Research.

IQOS Heated Tobacco Devices

IQOS heated tobacco devices represent a significant advancement in smoking alternatives, offering a unique experience for adult smokers. These devices, developed by Philip Morris International, are engineered to heat specially designed tobacco sticks, without burning them. This innovative technology produces a nicotine-containing vapour, providing the satisfaction of smoking but with fewer harmful chemicals compared to traditional cigarettes. The IQOS range includes various models like the IQOS Originals DUO, known for its dual-use capability and rapid charging, and the new ILUMA and ILUMA One, which feature cutting-edge Smart Core Induction System™ technology for a cleaner and more consistent experience. Each device in the IQOS lineup is designed to offer a smoke-free alternative, reducing odor and eliminating ash, making it a preferred choice for smokers seeking a more sophisticated and less intrusive way to enjoy tobacco.

IQOS Tobacco Sticks

The tobacco sticks available for IQOS devices come in two primary types: HEETS and TEREA.

HEETS are specially designed tobacco sticks that, when used with IQOS devices, heat tobacco to release a flavourful vapour containing nicotine. They offer a variety of taste experiences ranging from rich and robust to smooth and mellow, catering to diverse preferences.

TEREA is a newer innovation, compatible specifically with the IQOS ILUMA series. These sticks are designed to work seamlessly with the ILUMA's bladeless technology, providing a consistent and cleaner experience.

Both HEETS and TEREA sticks are integral to the IQOS experience, allowing adult smokers to enjoy the taste of tobacco without the smoke, ash, and less smell associated with traditional cigarettes. This range of tobacco sticks underscores IQOS's commitment to offering adult smokers alternative ways to enjoy tobacco with innovative technology.


IQOS is a heat-not-burn tobacco product that heats tobacco sticks to release nicotine-containing vapour. Unlike conventional cigarettes, IQOS does not burn tobacco, reducing the production of harmful chemicals significantly.

While no tobacco product is completely risk-free, studies suggest that IQOS emits 95% fewer harmful chemicals compared to cigarettes. However, it does not mean a 95% reduction in risk and is not a risk-free alternative.

No, IQOS devices are specifically designed to be used with HEETS or TEREA tobacco sticks. Using regular cigarettes can damage the device and is not recommended.

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