Ploom revolutionises the tobacco experience with its cutting-edge heating technology, offering an authentic, smokeless alternative that seamlessly aligns with your lifestyle. By employing Heatflow™ technology, Ploom gently warms EVO tobacco sticks without burning them, eliminating smoke and its associated odour.

This innovative approach significantly reduces the release of harmful chemicals typically found in cigarette smoke. Additionally, Ploom's Intuitouch technology enhances user experience through intuitive vibration and LED indicators, making it incredibly user-friendly.

Not only does Ploom provide a genuine tobacco experience, but it also does so at a fraction of the cost of traditional cigarettes, making it an economically smart choice for those seeking a less harmful tobacco option.

Ploom is a cutting-edge heated tobacco brand, developed by JTI—a global leader in tobacco innovation committed to sustainability. The Ploom range features the sophisticated Ploom X Advanced device paired with the specially formulated EVO Sticks, designed to transform the smoking experience into a cleaner and more enjoyable alternative.

Advanced Heating System

The Ploom system stands out by heating authentic tobacco sticks, known as EVO Sticks, to a precise temperature that releases a tobacco vapor. This vapor contains dramatically lower levels of harmful constituents—90-95% less according to the World Health Organisation's recommendations compared to traditional tobacco smoke. This breakthrough provides a cleaner way to enjoy the authentic taste and satisfaction of tobacco without the significant health risks associated with combustion.

Explore the Ploom Range

Ploom EVO Sticks Flavour Blends

The core of the Ploom product line includes:

  • Ploom X Advanced Device: A state-of-the-art electronic device for heating tobacco, offering a seamless and modern smoking experience.
  • EVO Stick Collection: Available in a variety of flavours, these tobacco sticks are tailored to provide unique taste profiles through Ploom's innovative heating technology.

Why Choose Ploom?

Ploom represents the forefront of heated tobacco technology, offering adult smokers:

  • A significant reduction in harmful chemicals typically found in tobacco smoke.
  • A clean, consistent, and controlled smoking experience without the smoke, ash, and odor of traditional cigarettes.
  • A wide array of flavours to suit any preference, from robust tobacco to refreshing menthol and fruity options.

Experience the advanced technology and refined flavours of Ploom heated tobacco, and see how it transforms your smoking experience into something distinctly modern and satisfying.

Buying PLOOM Online at Alternix UK

At Alternix, we are proud to be an authorised UK supplier of the complete range of Ploom Heated Tobacco devices and sticks. Whether you're new to heated tobacco or a seasoned user, purchasing Ploom products from Alternix ensures you are getting genuine and high-quality items directly from an approved retailer.

Have questions or need further assistance? Don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team. We're here to ensure your experience with Ploom is exceptional in every way.

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