Age Verification

Why Does Alternix Need to Verify Your Age?

It is illegal to sell nicotine pouches and any related products to individuals under the legal age for purchasing tobacco or nicotine products. Therefore, anyone placing an order with Alternix must be over the legal age. By making a purchase with Alternix, you are agreeing to allow us to confirm your age through our age verification process.

How Do We Verify Your Age?

When creating an account or placing an order with Alternix, we will request your full name, billing address, and date of birth. This information must be entered as it would appear on your driver's license, electoral roll, or as used for a UK credit card. This information must be entered correctly as we will use it to verify your age before delivering any goods.

To securely verify your age, Alternix uses third-party services to verify your age. You consent to allow us to share your information with, and collect information from, these third-party providers of identity data. This consent is necessary to verify that you meet the minimum age and identity verification requirements as determined by relevant UK age restriction legislation.

You consent to allow these third-party services to retain relevant data for the purpose of future verification. All data processed is subject to appropriate security measures. Data retained is subject to periodic review to ensure it is not held for longer than necessary. For more information on how your personal data is managed, please review our privacy policy.

If you are placing your first order with Alternix, or if using an alternative email address to what is registered to your account, our age verification system will display a pop-up modal at the Order confirmation stage. This will automatically check your age against the information provided at checkout. If verification is successful, no further action is required. If verification fails, you will be given the option to re-verify via various methods such as Mobile Phone Number, Credit Card, Electoral Roll, Driver's License, or Citizen's Card. Alternatively, a photo of your passport or driver's license can be emailed to our support team.

Once you have been successfully verified, you will not be required to take this action again on future orders.