Discover the Top 10 Bestselling Mint Nicotine Pouches in the UK

Mint nicotine pouches offer a refreshing twist on nicotine enjoyment, combining the coolness of mint with the satisfying hit of nicotine. Perfect for those who appreciate a crisp, clean flavour, our selection of the top 10 bestselling mint nicotine pouches in the UK caters to a diverse range of preferences and strengths.

Why are Mint Pouches so popular?

Mint is a popular choice for its invigorating properties and ability to provide a fresh breath feeling, making it a top pick for both new and seasoned nicotine users. Our list includes pouches from leading brands known for their quality and flavour consistency, ensuring you get the best experience with every use.

These mint nicotine pouches come in various strengths, catering to both those who are just starting out and experienced users looking for a stronger hit. From spearmint’s sweet tones to peppermint’s intense chill, each product on our list offers a unique minty experience, allowing you to find the perfect match for your nicotine needs.

Top 10 Mint Flavoured Nicotine Pouches

1. Cuba Ninja - Mint Fresh (30mg)



Cuba Ninja - Mint Fresh (30mg) secures its place among the top mint nicotine pouches with its powerful blend of mint and ice flavours, tailored for experienced users seeking a strong, invigorating nicotine experience.


These pouches are designed for those who prefer an intense and rapid nicotine hit, featuring a robust 30mg of nicotine per pouch. The combination of mint and ice delivers a refreshing and cooling sensation, perfect for users who enjoy a profound minty freshness in their nicotine products. These Cuba Ninja pouches are ideal for those who need a significant nicotine dose coupled with the crisp, clean taste of mint.

2. TACJA - Mint (12mg)



TACJA - Mint (20mg/g) ranks highly among mint nicotine pouches due to its substantial nicotine content and the energizing freshness of its mint flavour, making it a preferred choice for those who need a stronger hit.


With 12mg of nicotine per pouch, TACJA Mint provides a robust experience that suits users looking for a significant nicotine boost combined with the soothing qualities of mint. The cool mint flavour offers a refreshing sensation, ideal for invigorating the senses while satisfying nicotine cravings. TACJA's Mint pouches are especially appealing to individuals who appreciate a strong nicotine dose without compromising the refreshing mint experience.


3. White Fox - Full Charge (16.5mg)



White Fox - Full Charge (16.5mg) is celebrated in the UK for delivering a sharp peppermint flavour combined with a tailored nicotine strength, ideal for those transitioning from smoking or looking for a substantial nicotine alternative.


These pouches stand out due to their use of natural peppermint oils, which impart a spicy and intense flavour, providing a refreshing and lasting sensation. The 16.5mg nicotine strength per pouch strikes a balance, offering strong yet manageable nicotine satisfaction. White Fox Full Charge is perfect for those who value quality and effective nicotine delivery with the clean, crisp taste of peppermint.

4. Nordic Spirit - Spearmint (11mg)



Nordic Spirit - Spearmint Standard (11mg) is favored for its delightful spearmint flavour, making it a go-to choice for those who enjoy a milder nicotine strength paired with refreshing taste.


TThese pouches provide a sweet and refreshing spearmint experience, appealing particularly to those who appreciate a gentle yet flavorful nicotine option. With 11mg of nicotine per pouch, they offer a balanced and satisfying nicotine hit that is neither too strong nor too light. Nordic Spirit Spearmint pouches deliver a high-quality, enjoyable experience with every use, perfect for those who prefer their nicotine with a classic minty profile.

5. VELO - Polar Mint (6mg)



VELO - Polar Mint (6mg) earns its spot among the top mint nicotine pouches with its crisp spearmint flavour, offering a subtle yet effective nicotine delivery ideal for those new to nicotine pouches or preferring a lighter dose.


The 6mg strength per pouch provides a gentle nicotine experience, making it accessible for a broad audience, especially those who seek a less intense introduction to nicotine pouches. The design of VELO pouches allows for a slow and gradual release of nicotine, ensuring a lasting satisfaction with the vibrant and clean taste of spearmint. VELO Polar Mint is perfect for users who desire a refreshing nicotine option without the drawbacks of tobacco and smoke, ensuring a clean and enjoyable mint experience every time.

6. Helwit - Mint 2/4 (7mg)


Helwit - Mint 2/4 (7mg) stands out in the UK market for its refreshing mint blend, offering a mid-level nicotine strength that's both accessible and satisfying for regular users.


Featuring 7mg of nicotine per pouch, Helwit Mint delivers a pleasant nicotine experience with a gradual release, perfect for those who prefer a steady intake over intense bursts. The refreshing mint flavour offers a cleansing sensation, ideal for users seeking a bright and invigorating taste. Each pack includes 20 discreet pouches, designed for ease of use by simply placing between the lip and gum, making it a convenient choice for on-the-go nicotine satisfaction. Helwit Mint 2/4 is a superb choice for those who appreciate a minty freshness paired with a controlled nicotine dose.


7. Poke - Freeze Mint (9mg)



Poke - Freeze Mint (9mg) is a popular choice among the top mint nicotine pouches for its invigorating icy mint flavour and moderate nicotine strength, ideal for users looking for a refreshing yet substantial experience.


The pouches deliver a tantalizing icy mint taste that provides a cool blast, perfect for mint enthusiasts seeking an exhilarating flavour. With 9mg of nicotine per pouch, they offer a pleasing boost that balances intensity with enjoyment, suitable for those accustomed to mid-level nicotine products. Poke Freeze Mint is excellent for users who value a strong mint sensation combined with a satisfying nicotine hit.

8. Zyn - Cool Mint Mini (6mg)



Zyn - Cool Mint Mini Strong (6mg) is highly favored for its cool menthol flavour enhanced by refreshing peppermint, making it a standout choice for those seeking a mild yet satisfying nicotine experience.


These mini pouches offer a smooth release of both flavour and nicotine, ensuring extended satisfaction from each 6mg pouch. The cool mint taste is ideal for users who prefer a refreshing, crisp flavour profile without overpowering intensity. The dry, compact size of Zyn pouches ensures they fit discreetly between the gum and lip, allowing for comfortable and inconspicuous use in any setting. This product is perfect for individuals who want a straightforward, no-fuss nicotine experience with a clean, minty freshness.


9. Killa - Cold x Mint (12.8mg)



Killa - Cold x Mint (12.8mg) secures its position among the top mint nicotine pouches with its extra icy mint flavour, designed for those who crave a more intense and chilling mint experience.


These pouches are tailored to deliver a unique and powerful burst of icy mint, making them ideal for users seeking an exceptionally cool and refreshing nicotine hit. With a nicotine strength of 12.8mg per pouch, they provide a robust and enduring satisfaction suitable for experienced users. Each pouch is crafted to fit comfortably under the lip, ensuring a discreet and gradual release of nicotine, allowing you to fully enjoy the potent mint flavour. Killa Cold x Mint is perfect for those who want a strong, long-lasting mint sensation paired with a dependable nicotine delivery.

10. Ice - Freeze X (35mg/g)



Ice - Freeze X (35mg/g) ranks highly in the top mint nicotine pouches due to its exceptionally strong nicotine content and the intensely refreshing blend of cool menthol and fresh mint flavours, tailored for the most experienced nicotine users.


These pouches deliver a powerful, immediate rush of nicotine at 25mg per pouch, paired with a bold and cooling mint flavour that invigorates the senses. Designed for those who require a significant nicotine hit, the combination of menthol and mint offers a deeply satisfying experience. Each pack contains 20 pouches, ensuring that users have ample supply for consistent, robust nicotine satisfaction. Ice Freeze X is ideal for experienced users looking for extreme strength and refreshment in their nicotine pouch choice.