Types of Regulation

  • Legal restrictions imposed by government authorities
  • Contractual obligations and agreements
  • Self-regulation in psychology
  • Social regulation through norms and customs
  • Co-regulation and third-party regulation

State-Mandated Regulation

  • Government intervention in the private market
  • Implementation of policies and desired outcomes
  • Consumer protection measures
  • Promotion of economic growth and technological advancement
  • Regulation of conduct, incentives, and preferences

History of Regulation

  • Regulation in ancient civilizations (Egypt, India, Greece, Rome)
  • Standardization of weights, measures, and currency
  • Decline and revival of regulation in the European Middle Ages
  • Modern industrial regulation starting with the Railway Regulation Act 1844
  • Establishment of regulatory agencies in the United States

Measurement of Regulation

  • Quantitative measures of regulation in different countries
  • Global Indicators of Regulatory Governance by World Bank
  • V-Dem Democracy indices including regulatory quality indicator
  • QuantGov project tracking regulations by topic in the US, Canada, and Australia
  • Scholarly research on the effectiveness and impact of regulations

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  • Additional resources and references for further exploration of the topic

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