Action on Smoking and Health

ASH (United Kingdom)

  • ASH is a registered charity established in 1971.
  • It aims to eliminate the harm caused by tobacco.
  • ASH works to raise awareness of the health risks of tobacco.
  • The organization campaigns for policy measures.
  • ASH provides the secretariat of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on smoking and health.
  • ASH was established in 1971 by the Royal College of Physicians.
  • It was formed following the UK Government's refusal to act on demands for tobacco use reduction laws.
  • John Dunwoody became ASH's first director.
  • The board of trustees consists largely of doctors and scientists.
  • ASH received awards from WHO and the American Cancer Society.
  • ASH is a charity focused on eliminating the harm caused by tobacco.
  • Its core campaigning program is funded by the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK.
  • The organization also receives funding from the Department of Health for specific projects.
  • This funding cannot be used for lobbying the government.
  • ASH's campaigns are aimed at influencing policy on various issues related to tobacco.
  • ASH uses funding from BHF and CRUK to influence policy on taxation, smuggling, health inequalities, harm reduction, and smoking among young people.
  • The organization raises awareness of tobacco industry tactics to influence public health policies.
  • ASH coordinates the Smokefree Action Coalition (SFAC), an umbrella group for organizations working to reduce tobacco harm.
  • ASH successfully campaigned for comprehensive smoke-free indoor workplace regulation in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales.
  • The organization called for measures such as tobacco display bans and standardized packaging.
  • ASH covers the entire UK and encourages supporters to get involved in its work or provide financial support.
  • ASH Northern Ireland, ASH Scotland, and ASH Wales are separate organizations.
  • ASH is a member of the World Health Organization's Framework Convention Alliance on Tobacco Control.
  • The organization actively campaigns for tobacco control strategies and reforms.
  • ASH's influence on tobacco control policies has been noted by researchers and politicians.

ASH Scotland

  • Founded in 1973 under the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh
  • Became a separate charity in 1993
  • Awarded a WHO World No Tobacco Day Award in 2018
  • Aims to reduce harm caused by tobacco
  • Campaigns for change in the law and provides information and programs to help people be tobacco-free
  • Provides resources and support for smoking cessation
  • Works towards creating a tobacco-free generation
  • Advocates for smoke-free playgrounds
  • Receives funding from the lottery to help young people quit smoking

ASH Wales

  • Established in 1976 as a branch of ASH UK
  • Gained independent charity status in 2007
  • Aims to reduce smoking prevalence in Wales
  • Engages in campaigns, research, training, and support
  • Played a role in enforcing a ban on smoking in cars with children
  • Advocates for smoking bans in cars carrying children
  • Receives funding from the lottery for smoking cessation programs
  • Calls for more legislation to cut adult smoking rates

ASH Ireland

  • ASH Ireland is part of the Irish Heart Foundation
  • Focuses on tobacco control and smoking cessation
  • Works towards achieving a smoke-free Ireland
  • Collaborates with medical and health organizations
  • Raises awareness about the harms of smoking

ASH (New Zealand)

  • ASH (New Zealand) aims for a smoke-free New Zealand by 2025
  • Works in collaboration with the Ministry of Health
  • Advocates for tobacco control policies and smoking cessation programs
  • Focuses on reducing smoking rates among the population
  • Aligns with the global movement for a smoke-free future

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