Procurement Overview and Processes

  • History of procurement
  • Overview of procurement as an organizational function
  • Differentiating procurement from sourcing and acquisition
  • Linear acquisition process and phases of development
  • Strategic sourcing and its activities
  • Different sourcing and acquisition models

Procurement Software and Performance

  • Procurement software and its management of purchasing processes
  • Performance measurement in procurement, including the five rights and value generation
  • Distinction between savings and cost avoidance
  • Joint ventures in procurement and buyer-side collaboration
  • Key statistics and benchmarks in procurement

Types of Procurement

  • Joint or collaborative procurement in the public sector
  • Central Purchasing Bodies (CPBs) coordinating joint purchasing activities
  • Pooled procurement mechanisms for local manufacturing of vaccines and medicines
  • Electronic procurement through internet or networked computer connection

Procurement and Finance Functions

  • Historical relationship between procurement and finance
  • Irreconcilable interests and arguments for more autonomy in procurement
  • Strategic sourcing collaboration between procurement, finance, and IT functions

Government Procurement and its Benefits and Detriments

  • Definition and significance of public procurement
  • Economic impact and competition within the private sector
  • Benefits of public procurement, including innovation, working with minority-led businesses, and environmental considerations
  • Detriments of public procurement, such as difficulty in measuring economic productivity and monitoring impacts
  • Concerns and challenges in public procurement, including corruption and bribery
  • Guidelines on detecting and combating procurement fraud
  • Roles in procurement, including procurement officers, managers, and Chief Procurement Officer
  • Challenges and opportunities for women in procurement
  • Obligations in procurement and contractual obligations with suppliers.

Procurement Data Sources

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