Crafted for those who prioritise quality and seek excitement, ICE Nicotine Pouches stand out for their dedication to crafting exceptional flavours using only the finest ingredients. From classic mint to adventurous chilli pepper, their range caters to diverse tastes, ensuring there's something for everyone. Designed with discretion in mind, Ice's slim pouches offer a discreet yet flavourful experience. Whether you're drawn to the timeless refreshment of Cool Mint and Freeze X or intrigued by the spicy kick of Freeze Reaper and Jalapeno Lime, Ice has a flavour to match your mood.

With nicotine strengths tailored to various preferences, Ice nicotine pouches provide a satisfying and convenient alternative to traditional smoking. Whether you seek a refreshing burst of menthol or crave a bold, adventurous flavour journey, snus-free ICE pouches delivers consistent satisfaction with every pouch. Try them today and elevate your nicotine experience with Ice's innovative flavours.

ICE Nicotine Pouches are crafted for those who crave adventure in every aspect of life, from snow-capped mountains and dense forests to the vast expanses of scorching deserts. These slim-fit nicotine pouches bring innovative and mysterious flavors that promise to transport you away from traditional smoking experiences. Dive into the world of ICE nicopods and embrace a smoke-free adventure.

Pioneering Quality with Nicopods ehf.

Made by Iceland’s first and only nicotine pouch manufacturer, Nicopods ehf., ICE Nicotine Pouches stand out in the market through a steadfast commitment to quality, exceptional service, and customer satisfaction. The brand ethos is built around social responsibility and prudent product development, avoiding excessively high nicotine concentrations that exceed safe consumption limits. By focusing on responsible manufacturing practices, ICE ensures each pouch delivers a safe and enjoyable experience.

Nicotine Strengths for Every User

ICE nicotine pouches cater to varying preferences with three distinct nicotine strengths:

  • 2-point pouches: Contain 8 mg/g, suitable for those who prefer a lighter nicotine touch.
  • 4-point pouches: Provide 18 mg/g, perfect for regular users seeking a balanced strength.
  • 5-point pouches: Offer a robust 24 mg/g for those who need a stronger nicotine kick.

Flavours That Match Your Wild Heart

ICE nicotine pouches are available in a plethora of flavours, continuously evolving to suit every user's personal taste. Whether you prefer the freshness of mint or the exotic zest of tropical fruits, ICE has a flavour to satisfy your adventurous palate.

Why Choose ICE Nicotine Pouches?

ICE Nicotine Pouches are perfect for those who not only seek a reliable and safer nicotine alternative but also wish to infuse a sense of adventure into their routine. With responsibly managed nicotine levels and a commitment to customer satisfaction, ICE offers a premium experience that aligns with adventurous lifestyles and ethical standards. Join the trend towards smoke-free alternatives with ICE, where every pouch is an expedition.

The Alternix-perience Redefining nicotine enjoyment

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