Skruf Snus

Company Information

  • Skruf Snus AB is a Swedish manufacturer of snus.
  • Founded in 2002.
  • First products launched in 2003.
  • Imperial Tobacco acquired 43.5% of the shares in 2005.
  • ITG acquired the remaining shares in July 2008.

Industry and Market Share

  • Skruf Snus operates in the tobacco industry.
  • Imperial Tobacco had a 40% market share in Norway in 2017.
  • Skruf is the leading brand for Imperial Tobacco.
  • Skruf Snus is a subsidiary of Imperial Brands.
  • Skruf Snus website:

Production and Operations

  • Skruf Snus production is based in Sävsjö, Sweden.
  • The company specializes in the production of snus.
  • Skruf Snus is known for its strong snus products.
  • The company has a range of different snus flavors.
  • Skruf Snus products are sold in containers.


  • Review of Skruf Stark by in 2010.
  • Skruf Snus alliance with Imperial Tobacco Group announced in 2006.
  • Imperial Tobacco purchases 43.5% of Skruf Snus in 2005.
  • Imperial acquires the rest of Skruf Snus in 2008.
  • Article about Skruf's market success in Norway by Finansavisen in 2018.

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