Age verification system

Methods of Age Verification

  • Birth date input on a form (ineffective due to potential fraud)
  • Credit card verification (dependent on assumption of adult credit card holders)
  • Federated identification through third-party providers (e.g., AgeID by MindGeek)
  • Face recognition using official identification photos
  • Zero-Knowledge Proof for age verification without disclosing identity

Knowledge-based Age Verification

  • Leisure Suit Larry video game using trivia questions
  • Online services with integrated age verification API
  • Use of content filtering software by parents
  • Age verification through online quizzes or tests
  • Emerging standards for age assurance systems (e.g., PAS1296:2018, ISO standard)

Legal Mandates for Age Verification

  • Australia's Online Safety Act 2021 recommendation against age verification scheme
  • Canada's Bill S-210 requiring effective age verification for accessing explicit content
  • Germany's Jugendmedienschutz-Staatsvertrag mandating face-to-face verification
  • United Kingdom's Digital Economy Act 2017 with abandoned age verification system
  • United States' COPPA for age verification on websites targeting users under 13

Age Verification in United States

  • Age verification on alcoholic beverage websites for legal drinking age
  • Louisiana's requirement of age verification for accessing adult websites
  • Social media addiction bills in Arkansas and Utah mandating age verification
  • Utah's law requiring age verification on pornography websites (pending implementation)
  • Texas law mandating age verification invalidated by US District Judge (pending appeal)

Trade Association for Age Verification

  • Age Verification Providers Association representing the sector
  • Founded in 2018 and grew to 27 members by 2023
  • Represents the interests of age verification providers
  • Works towards industry standards and best practices
  • Supports collaboration and knowledge sharing among members

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