Save money when you switch to nicotine pouches

Save Money with Nicotine Pouches: Ways to Cut Costs

How to Save Money by Switching to Nicotine Pouches

Smoking has become ludicrously expensive, with costs rising even further since the government's recent introduction of another tax on tobacco products - a packet of 20 cigarettes will now cost you a crippling £16. Coupled with the current cost of living crisis, smoking is not only a dangerous habit but a financially untenable one. In 2026 vapers will also feel the pinch as e-liquids are set to double for the average user. Quitting nicotine is a notoriously difficult challenge but the good news is that you don't need to be chained to a financial black hole, if you can't or don't want to quit nicotine there are much cheaper alternatives out there that can help you spend less money.

In recent years, snus-free nicotine pouches have rapidly become the go-to choice for smokers who want a way to save money and live a healthier lifestyle. They are prized for their discreet convenience and eco-friendly design whilst being highly cost-effective. The greatest advantage of nicotine pouches is that you can use them anywhere. Cinemas, offices and any form of public transport will be reopened to you once again and no one will even know you're using them. Simply place a nicotine pouch under your lip and enjoy a steady release of nicotine for up to an hour.

Join us as we take a look at just how much the cost of cigarettes in the UK has risen and reveal how you'll save a small fortune when you make the switch to nicotine pouches.

1. How much is the cost of smoking in the UK in 2024?

The price of cigarettes and tobacco has soared more than 200% in the past 20 years, following year-on-year increases in tax. Tobacco products are subject to what is known as a "sin tax", an additional levy placed on products that are thought to cause harm, other examples of such products are alcohol and sugar. A pack of 20 cigarettes cost just under £5 in 2004 and sits at roughly £16 a packet in 2024.(1) Under the government's "smoke-free generation" initiative, tobacco prices in the UK can be expected to increase steadily with every Spring Budget. It's not cheap to smoke in the UK, but do you know how much you are really spending monthly and yearly on tobacco?

Based on the figures from the Office of national Statistics, an average smoker with a 10 a day habit, will spend £243 a month and £2,920 a year on cigarettes. A 20 a day smoking habit will set you back £486 a month and an eye-watering £5,840 every year. To put that into perspective, the average 2-3 person household in the UK spends £5,343 per year on food (that's including going out).(2) So you're potentially spending more money on a habit that can kill you than you do on nutrition.

The cost of cigarettes in the UK

Graph showing the rising cost of cigarettes in the UK

2. How much do nicotine pouches cost?

You'll be able to save a lot of money when you switch to using nicotine pouches which are three to four times cheaper than cigarettes. A premium brand of nicotine pouches costs between £4 to £7 for a tin of 20. Gradual nicotine delivery means that one pouch can be used for up to an hour, so in theory, you would need fewer pouches than you would cigarettes. The average user will get through a tin of nicotine pouches in three to four days, so you can already see how much money you can save.

Being able to slash your costs is a big motivating factor that can help you when giving up smoking. Assuming one tub of pouches costing £3.95 can last you three days, you can expect to spend under £40 a month on nicotine pouches. That works out to £474 annually - a saving of £2446 if you are a 10 a day smoker. A person with a heavy smoking habit of a pack a day or more will be saving £4,869 on their yearly spend.

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4. Are nicotine pouches cheaper than vaping?

Whilst vaping is a fraction of the cost of cigarettes nicotine pouches are even cheaper. For people making the switch from smoking, vaping makes sense as it replicates the sensation of inhaling and retains the feel of placing something between your lips. A refillable pod kit is four times less expensive than smoking, coming in at £54 a month and £648 a year.

Unfortunately, this saving will be short-lived after the government's new tax on vape products is implemented on 1st October 2026. It will still be vastly cheaper to vape than to smoke, however, vapers could see their yearly spending increase by up to 40%. 

The good news is that nicotine pouches are not affected by the Tobacco and Vapes Bill and will be nearly half the cost of vaping once the levy is implemented. The advantage of using nicotine pouches is that they don't require all the necessary paraphernalia for vaping. There is no initial outlay for a kit, no coils to replace and no e-liquid to top up. You're only spending money on a single tub of 20 pouches, which will last roughly the same time a 10ml bottle of e-liquid would. 

5. How much money can you save with nicotine pouches?

Nicotine pouches are over 80% cheaper than smoking and over 25% cheaper than vaping - it's easy to see why they are the obvious choice for the financially savvy. E-cigarettes and nicotine pouches are two of the most economical and effective ways to quit. As soon as you make the switch to using an alternative form of nicotine delivery, you'll begin to reap the financial benefits. The cost comparison below highlights the differences between smoking, vaping and nicotine pouches.

Nicotine Pouch Cost Comparison Table
Nicotine Delivery Nicotine Pouches Vaping Vaping (2026) Smoking (10 a day)
Monthly Cost £40 £54 £76 £243
Annual Cost £474 £648 £912 £2,920


6. Conclusion

Nicotine pouches are the most cost-effective alternative to smoking and retain a host of other benefits that will improve your quality of life. Once you realise that the cost of your habit can be driven down to what you were paying 20 years ago it makes using them and kicking your smoking habit to the curb a much easier decision. Taxes and costs of tobacco will continue to increase as the government seeks to drive down the number of smokers in the UK. For many, smoking is the biggest single expense after rent or mortgage repayments - money that could be spent on far more enjoyable or life-improving pursuits.

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