Which England players’ shirts are most in-demand?

Which England players’ shirts are most in-demand?

With the Euros kicking off on the 14th June, football fans have been watching the latest matches in anticipation, with the hopes of seeing their favourite team score their way to victory, and reach the grand final, set to take place on the 14th July.

But much like football players, not all football shirts are created equal. The appetite and cost of these items varies massively depending on factors like the fanbase, inflation and player performance.

Our researchers investigated which England player has had the most in-demand shirt this Euros, as well as how much the cost of a shirt could rise by in the next Euros (2028).

Key findings

  • England away shirt is over twice as popular as the home shirt

  • Jude Bellingham is the most in-demand player’s shirt 

  • Cost of England shirt predicted to increase by £12.94 from 2024 to 2028

  • Fans are searching online for fake and replica shirts, with the Premier League estimating counterfeit goods cost £900 million a year

  • England would only wear their away kit if they were drawn as the away team against Germany or Turkey

Which England shirts are the most popular?

The England away shirt was found to be over twice as popular as the England home shirt, with 3,800 average monthly Google searches made by Brits for terms such as ‘England away shirt’ and ‘England away shirt 2024’.

Brits were most interested in getting their hands on a Jude Bellingham’s shirt (10), with Brits making, on average, 610 Google searches per month for terms related to the player's shirt.

Whilst the top five most popular players consisted of midfielders, forwards and a goalie, it appears Brits don’t favour getting their hands on a defenders shirt as much.

Trent Alexander-Arnold’s shirt was the most popular out of all the defenders, ranking in tenth position overall.

Top 5 most popular England players by shirt searches
Ranking Player Position
1 Jude Bellingham (10) Midfielder
2 Harry Kane (9) Forward
3 Phil Foden (11) Midfielder
4 Bukayo Saka (7) Forward
5 Jordan Pickford (1) Goalkeeper

How likely are England players to wear their away kit this Euros?

With Croatia’s chances of making the knockouts slim, England would only end up wearing their away kit if they are drawn as the away team facing Germany or Turkey in the tournament.

How much will the England shirt cost in the next Euros?

An adult standard stadium shirt cost £64.99 from the England store in 2020. In 2024, the shirt cost £84.99 - a 7.5% price increase from a price which would have been in line with inflation (£79.06).

Taking predicted rates of inflation into account, with an additional 7.5% price increase on top, the adult standard stadium shirt could cost around £97.93 in the next Euros, set to take place in 2028.

This is an increase of around £32.94 in 8 years, and an increase of £12.94 between 2024 and 2028.

How much does the sale of counterfeit goods cost?

According to the Premier League, the sale of counterfeit goods is estimated at over £900 million a year, costing the government an estimated €500m in denied tax revenue. The hosts of the Euro 2024, Germany, have strict laws on the distribution and sale of counterfeit goods; however, police will not stop and search fans for wearing fake shirts.

Some football fans are even heading online to source a fake shirt, with an average of 610 monthly searches made by Brits for terms such as ‘Fake England shirt’ and ‘Replica England shirt’, a term increasingly used for fake shirts, with genuine shirts often described as officially licensed or authentic.

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England team was sourced from UEFA. Search data collected on Ahrefs on the 18th-19th June and based on the following terms:

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Fake shirts data based on the following terms:

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Home vs Away shirts based on the following terms:

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Original cost of the adult standard stadium shirt was sourced from an editorial article.

Predicted cost of shirt in 2028, was calculated in line with predicted rates of inflation, plus a 7.5% increase.

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