What food and drink are British expats craving the most?

What food and drink are British expats craving the most?

What food and drink are British expats craving the most?

When you’re giving up smoking, cravings are one of the biggest hurdles you have to overcome. But it’s not just smokers who experience cravings, with Brits living abroad craving all sorts of home comforts.

To find out what British expats are craving the most, our researchers recorded Google searches for British staples across 25 different countries.

What are British expats craving the most?

Scones were found to be the most popular craving, with over 1.7 million monthly searches for the much-loved British staple.

Whilst Brits may be divided on the correct pronunciation of ‘scone’ and whether the jam or cream should be added first, Brits abroad can all agree on missing the taste of the traditional baked good.

It should, therefore, come as no surprise that clotted cream, a popular accompaniment to scones, ranked in 47th place.

Ranking in second was Worcestershire sauce with over 280,000 monthly searches, with Yorkshire puddings ranking in third with over 240,000 monthly searches.

British expats’ most searched-for cravings by country
Ranking Craving Total Monthly Searches
1 Scone 1,798,450
2 Worcestershire sauce 282,680
3 Yorkshire puddings 243,860
4 Marmite 158,150
5 Crumpets 155,390
6 Chocolate digestive 152,310
7 Fish fingers 131,080
8 Bakewell tart 113,240
9 Marmalade 107,690
10 Scotch egg 103,820
11 Bovril 96,600
12 Creme Egg 86,670
13 Pimm's 77,700
14 English breakfast 72,480
15 Sausage roll 69,810
16 Jaffa Cakes 68,480
17 Irn Bru 54,970
18 Hobnobs 52,080
19 Branston Pickle 40,620
20 HP Sauce 36,340
21 Terry's Chocolate Orange 34,980
22 Mushy peas 29,820
23 Yorkshire Tea 23,970
24 Monster Munch 23,700
25 Malt Vinegar 22,610
26 Bisto 18,530
27 Dairy Milk 18,140
28 Percy Pigs 16,810
29 Fox's Biscuits 15,960
30 Mince pies 15,260
31 Cadbury's 15,110
32 Tetley Tea 14,770
33 Mcvities 14,450
34 Walkers Crisps 13,130
35 PG Tips 12,210
36 Custard cream 9,980
37 Black pudding 9,390
38 Mr Kipling 8,350
39 Twiglets 8,350
40 Pot Noodle 7,890
41 Baked beans 6,820
42 Pork scratchings 4,980
43 Angel Delight 4,920
44 Bacon Fries 3,820
45 Liquorice Allsorts 3,560
46 Rich tea biscuits 3,070
47 Clotted cream 3,060
48 Scampi Fries 1,980
49 Fruit pastilles 1,070
50 Tunnocks Teacakes 410

What are British expats craving the most in different countries?

Scones took the fancy of expats living in a range of countries, from European through to
Australia and the USA. Brits in countries such as Cyprus and Malaysia also had a sweet-tooth,
with chocolate digestives at the top of their cravings list.

Those based in Vietnam craved fish fingers the most, with Worcestershire Sauce ranking on top
in the Philippines, and English Breakfast in Indonesia.

Those residing in the United Arab Emirates were the most conflicted, with Scones, English
Breakfast and Worcestershire Sauce all ranking in joint first position.

Country Most Searched Craving Monthly Searches
Australia Scone 110,000
Bahrain Chocolate digestive 390
Canada Scone 165,000
Costa Rica Chocolate digestive 880
Cyprus Chocolate digestive 720
France Scone 33,100
Germany Scone 33,100
Indonesia English Breakfast 33,100
Italy Scone 12,100
Malaysia Chocolate digestive 22,200
Mexico Scone 246,000
Netherlands Scone 18,100
New Zealand Scone 22,200
Panama Chocolate digestive 880
Philippines Worcestershire sauce 18,100
Portugal Scone 8,100
Singapore Scone 4,400
Spain Scone 9,900
Sweden Scone 90,500
Switzerland Scone 6,600
Taiwan Scone 2,900
Thailand Scone 3,600
United Arab Emirates Scone / Worcestershire sauce / English Breakfast 2,900
United States of America Scone 1,000,000
Vietnam Fish fingers 2,400

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